Game Rules (english)

  „Mensch ärgere Dich nicht“



The board game is consisting of:


The game is being played with a minimum of 3 and a max of 4 participants. Every player receives 4 pieces of the same color. Right before the game, the four pieces will be positioned on the same-colored starting-area at the edge of each board. Playing direction is – as being marked on the board with arrows – clockwise (from left to right). Players of a group of 4 are playing on boards for 4 players, players of a group of 3 accordingly on a 6-players board.

Goal of the game is to get all pieces from your individual starting area to the target area by passing the round course on the board.

1. Right before the game every player is rolling the dice for one time. Player with the highest number shown will open the game.

2. Only with a dice number of “6“ you can enter the game round course (A) with one piece from the starting area (B) with putting it on the starting field (A). During the duration that no piece is on the course or on the target area (a,b,c,d) you´re allowed to roll the dice for 3 times. This only holds true for the target area if there is not a field left ahead of one piece.

3. It´s the next player´s turn if there is no dice value “6“ being rolled for three times.

4. (MUST) With having a “6” on the dice a piece MUST be put from the starting area into the round course (Exception is rule no. 10).

5. (MUST) As long as there are pieces in the starting area, waiting to enter the round course, this respective starting field (A) has to be emptied (Exception is rule no. 10). If you forget to do so, your piece occupying the starting field for the round course will be put back into the starting area (B) and mustn´t come back into play before rolling another “6” on the dice on the next round.

6. As long as there is one piece on the round course and the possibility of going ahead with this piece is given, you´re only allowed to roll the dice once. This holds true as well if several pieces have reached the target area and still potentially could move ahead there. You can decide with which piece you want to go ahead if the player still has several ones in the round course or target area.

7. By having the value 6 on the dice one MUST roll again, even if you can´t move ahead with a piece. With the second rolling you could choose another piece to go ahead (Exception is rule no. 4,5,10).

8. (MUST) You must immediately move your own piece ahead with the value rolled. It´s a must to go ahead with the entire value rolled. Exception is if you can´t go ahead with the own piece according to the value rolled.

9. Only one piece is allowed for a field in the round course or the target area. Competitive pieces can be “jumped over” if they are on your way on the course. These „jumped over“ fields will be counted as well.

10. (MUST) In case that exactly the value of the dice and the filed that you want to move your dice to is occupied by a competitive dice you HAVE TO punch this dice out of the game.

. >>>Punching out has highest priority<<<

This punched-out piece has to be put back to the starting area of the according player and is first again allowed to enter the round course if the competitive player is rolling a 6 on the dice. If there are several possibilities of punching out it´s the player´s choice, which one he sets back to the starting area. (Please be reminded: „Two Musts” in combination weighs higher the „One Must“ e.g. your own starting field is being occupied by a competitive piece MUST 10 + 4 or e.g.. 10 + 5).

11. Who ignores the MUST of punching out will be punched-out directly.

12. The principle „who touches has to do his move with the same piece” is all time valid.

13. Ignoring a MUST-move (e.g. 4; 5; 8, 10 and 14) converts to last move to an invalid status. The touched piece remains on the current field (exception 5 + 1) and it´s the next player´s turn.

14. (MUST) If a complete round course is being performed by a player´s piece it has to move into the target area. The „moving” into the target area has to match the value on the dice. Within the target area a “jump-over” is not allowed.

16. Winner of the game is the player, who has moved all its pieces over a round trip per piece into the target area completely.


offizielle Wettkampf-/Spielregeln Mensch-ärgere-Dich-nicht
official tournament rules
Stand: 06/2016